Friday, March 11, 2011

Rarin' to Go!

Last night I went to my "information session" for the Tech Comm program that I'm starting.  Oh, you guys, I'm so excited! I'm not a complete twit, I know it's going to be a lot of work, some of it very hard and frustrating, but finally having the chance to make this major life change just has me jumping to get started.  I wish I could start tomorrow! 
It was an interesting mix in the group.  We had a journalism student who was coming to some harsh conclusions about the reality of journalism these days, a former tech writer for Microsoft who was coming back after a ten-year hiatus and realizing that none of his skills were marketable any more, two former construction workers whose coworkers were tired of them correcting their grammar all the time and decided to find greener pastures, an executive assistant from California who had been out of work for two years and couldn't find anything in her field, and a library student in her late fifties who was simply bored.  And me. 
One of the speakers was a tech writer from Microsoft who gave us a breakdown of what it was really like on the job.  And the thought that kept running through my head was, I can do this!  I can really actually truly do this! 
Besides the overall Tech Comm certificate I will have at the end, each class has its own individual certification.  And each class has a portfolio project so that when I'm done I will have a "real" portfolio (instead of the barest scrapes of one that I have now).  Things are looking up!  It's nice to be able to look towards the future and not just see more of the same. 

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