Monday, November 21, 2011

My Writing Thankfulness List

Sometimes they're the hardest words to say.
Image by digitalart

This has been a strange and challenging year for my family, no question about it.

Making the transition from full-time hourly employee to freelance self-employee is something that I had never anticipated before this year, and some days I still wonder if this crazy experiment is going to work.  I know now, though, that working full-time on-site is no longer an option for me.  Everything I've read has told me that the key to a successful freelancing career is dedication and determination and heaven knows I've got those in spades.

I've been playing the thankful game on Facebook.  You know -- the one where everyday you have to come up with something you're thankful for.  The first few are easy, but once you make it past your family and friends, things get a little more challenging.

I take so many things for granted.  Either that, or I'm grudgingly grateful for them.  For example, I'm grateful that there's a roof over my head, but I wish that it wasn't this particular roof.  I'm grateful that I have a car that runs and gets me from Point A to Point B, but I'm frustrated that the heater is going out and that's going to be expensive to fix.

I hope that I haven't been taking my writing opportunities for granted.  Or those who have encouraged me along this rather circuitous and strange route.  While these might not make the Facebook list, I feel like they should be shared here:

  • I am thankful for everyone who has supported me and who looked interested when I told them I was planning to write.
  • I am thankful to editors who gave me a chance.
  • I am thankful to editors who not only gave me a chance, but then gave me the ultimate complement of requesting more.
  • I am thankful to everyone who has left a comment on this blog.
  • I am thankful to everyone who has left a comment on my other blog.
  • I am thankful to people who have read the comments I left and followed me back here.
  • I am thankful for volunteer opportunities that opened the door.
  • I am thankful to those whose blogs I avidly follow for teaching me so much.
  • I am even thankful to the low-paying "beginner" markets out there for being a place for me to stretch my wings and giving me the confidence to seek out bigger and better things.
I am proud to be a part of the vivid online freelance writing community.  Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


  1. Nice list... I like thanksgiving lists. I do mine on thanksgiving day.

  2. Thanks! I wanted to do it now, so I don't realize I forgot it just as I'm slipping off into a tryptophan coma!